• My Early Designed Custom Midi Systems

Here's a Philharmonic with a custom control panel. Note the LED display on the side so you can actually see what you are selecting. This system had 4 volume controls for the 4 midi channels: treble 1, chord 2, bass 3, treble2 4. Also above the volume controls are 4 switches to engage pressure controled volume for any or all of the midi channels.

Sample Philharmonic image

This is a Cordovox with a variant of the same custom control panel. The brass control plate looks real nice with the black body. This was a reedless accordion with built in speakers, sound module and a stereo head phone amplifier. I also customized the shift tabs to select the first 5 programmed presets. Neet huh? Note that this was way before Roland got the idea.

Sample Cordovox image

• My "NEW" Midi System With Small Control Pannel

Below is a picture of my latest midi system installed on an my favorite Excelsior model. It has volume controls for the first 3 midi channels: treble channel 1, chord channel 2 and bass channel 3. The treble 2 midi channel 4 is not controlled. I've found that most people don't use a second treble midi channel since layering is usually done in the sound module. There are 3 toggle switches to engage the bellows pressure volume controls for each of the 3 midi channels. This system is very simple and requires no cutting of the grill. My midi system can be custom programmed to use other functions like reverb, tremolo and chorus controls. Of course this might require either a larger control box pannel than the one pictured below or they may be installed in the grill pannel if there is room for them. Other custom midi system options include a battery power supply and wireless midi.

Sample Excelsior image

• Midi System With No Control Pannel

My basic midi system has only one hole cut into the grill side for access to the midi connector. All of my systems come with a 5 conductor midi cable and a power supply.